DA to lay new corruption charges after latest ANC bribery attempt

Theuns Botha says SAPS refused to investigate earlier cases relating to Project Reclaim

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Oudtshoorn. 7 February 2012. 07h30. Statement issued by Theuns Botha, DA Western Cape Provincial Leader, February 6, 2012.

The DA plans to lay a fresh round of bribery and corruption charges against senior ANC Western Cape officials.

This comes after the latest attempt by the ANC to bribe DA councillors as part of Project Reclaim, exposed by the DA last year. 

This Saturday, a DA delegation intercepted two of its Theewaterskloof councillors in the lobby of a Cape Town Protea Hotel. The councillors had allegedly been staying there on the ANC’s expense. 

The councillors claim that they were lured to the hotel on false pretences, although the actual intent of the ANC was for the meeting to be about bribery negotiations. We have strong reason to believe that senior ANC provincial officials were directly involved in these negotiations.

We have dispatched a team to the Overberg today to collect affidavits and further information to support the case. We are laying charges this week and want the SAPS investigation to start immediately.

Project Reclaim is a coordinated ANC attempt to seize power in eight Western Cape councils by attempting to bribe DA councillors to defect to the ANC in the hope of forcing by-elections.

The DA exposed the ANC’s plan in November last year after a six-month investigation into bribery attempts by ANC officials. Our findings revealed a morally and politically bankrupt ANC that, having lost the hearts and minds of the people of the Western Cape, is resorting to criminality to seize power.

A dossier containing a confidential ANC hitlist of which councillors to target, affidavits and other incriminating evidence was handed to senior police officials in Cape Town.

The police have apparently refused to investigate these corruption charges laid by the DA against a number of ANC officials for their involvement in Project Reclaim.

Given that the DA has now exposed the ANC’s latest bribery attempt while it was taking place, we expect the SAPS to take the charges relating to Project Reclaim seriously.

I will write to the Provincial Police Commissioner to demand that the first set of charges laid by the DA in November last year are investigated along with the new charges.

The DA remains focused on delivery for all the people of the Western Cape. Any attempts to divert us from our mandate will be dealt with decisively. 

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5 thoughts on “DA to lay new corruption charges after latest ANC bribery attempt

  1. Tawe Tienie, Die DA wil niks doen nie, want volgens die inwooners van Oudtshoorn is als mos wel, net 1 of 2 klakouse wat die mense oor lokale bestuur se koppe gaan, hoe meer mens die “posedure” ignoreer en haar hoogheid aanvat sal sy moet iets doen. want die huidige prosedure is kla by die tak, die Oudtshoorn tak sal dit aanstuur na file13! Want wie gaan jou eie pakslae verseker en reel, veral as dit gaanlui tot baie geraamtes in die kas wat uitgaan val.

  2. Tawwe Tienie, Die DA kruip weg agter “demokrasie” en “prosedure” en daardie heerlikste dekking vir lui doners – die “drie vlak regeringstelsel”.

    Daar sal áltyd ‘n gangbare verskoning wees.

    Maar ware leiers word eerder geken aan die vermoë “to find a way”.

    Terloops, vir die DA om oor omkopery te kla is vér-ré-gáán-dé!

  3. I refer to Theuns Botha’s statement, “The DA remains focused on delivery for all the people of the Western Cape. Any attempts to divert us from our mandate will be dealt with decisively.” The DA has lost focus on what they promised to deliver for Oudtshoorn during the election campaign – or are the people of Oudtshoorn not part of the people of the Western Cape? Why could Theuns not be as decisive about sticking to their mandate and promises to their Oudtshoorn voters, even when the opportunity to govern Oudtshoorn was given to him on a tray? How can anyone believe him that the DA remains focussed on delivery for all when each and every attempt to have the DA govern Oudtshoorn was denied by the DA?

    I am afraid NO Oudtshoorn voter can believe what the DA says anymore!

  4. Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river, then duble cross it,

  5. Theuns, start your investigation with Fransman. While you are at it, why not tackle the corruption in Oudshoorn and walk the talk for once in your life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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