Mapitiza defends ANC appointments

Or rather, he tries to justify it

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Oudtshoorn. 4 February 2012. 11h00. Putco Mapitiza, the local Regional Secretary of the ANC, accused OO late last night of deceiving readers about ANC appointees, like Deon Lott.

Mapitiza wrote, “OO always like to manufacture lies with aim to vindicate professionals worked under ANC administration. Perhaps you deliberately do not mention the fact that the former CFO of Oudtshoorn under whose management Oudtshoorn Municipal Council had disclaimer reports by AG is now employed by Bitou Municipal Council. Bitou unqualified audit reports for four consecutive years when Mr Deon Lott was the CFO and Mendy Cornett as Budget officer. The ANC led government promotes principles of good governance which best practises is one of the founding principles. With the employment of Mr Deon Lott and Mandy Cornett Oudtshoorn Municipality will receive unqualified report. DA chooses to hire individuals who failed the municipality. Let’s wait and see if DA led coalition will keep up to the clean and good governance in Bitou with all its political deployees.” (sic)

I did react to Mapitiza, but I am still amazed at his ignorance!

He is obviously fully aware of the corruption and maladministration that has taken place during the tenure of Noël Pietersen.

He even admits the Pietersen fiasco which led to disclaimers while an ANC cadre, Tinus Matthysen, was deployed as Acting CFO – by the DA MP Jac Bekker, no less!

To set the record straight: The former CFO, appointed by the DA Council, had only 6 months to turn around the financial administration and succeded in achieving a qualified audit report, after the previous year’s disclaimer.

For Mapitiza’s information: “Disclaim” means the Auditor General doesn’t even want to express an opinion!

Keith Jordaan fixed the finances… What will Lott do?

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11 thoughts on “Mapitiza defends ANC appointments

  1. REd5, thanks for your comments, seems we are on the same anti corruption page then
    Lets wait for Lotts Appeal then and see what will transpire with his Mandy Corbett and the healing of the fiscus, transparency, equality etc at ODN – Regards

  2. I do indeed agree investigative public. We do not know each other, but rest assured, I am VERY involved in projects fighting injustice, inequality, corruption and not affiliated to any political party (I deem all politicians to be dishonest scum 😉 ).

    I also do not see where I ever attacked the OO, but if I did, I suppose that he/she is big enough to take me to task. What I do advocate is open debate where people can air their opinions, even if it differs from the popular opinion on a specific point or forum. OK, I did joke with OO about some typing/spelling errors in one article, but honestly, that was just too easy and obvious. BTW, I did “get” the idea behind that article.

    I believe it is better for people to open their minds, ears and eyes to both sides of the story instead of just swallowing as gospel truth what the mainstream media feeds us. I value any reporter or blog or whatever who aims to expose corruption as long as it does so irrespective of who the perpetrators are (in mainstream media there are VERY few journalists who is willing to report negatively about the DA – don’t get me wrong I am not accusing OO of this, as is clear from the piece on “The DA approach to Local Government”. My experience ave taught me to be sceptical of any one sided journalism. I am certain you will also be able to support this.

    About this issue – take heart in the fact that the disciplinary hearing of Mr. Nqgoco was politically motivated and fraught with inaccuracies, which will become apparent at appeal. Mr. Lott (as mentioned) had 4 consequetive unqualified audits at Bitou and just maybe, he will be able to get things right in Oudtshoorn as well.

  3. Good Point Red5
    The DA have a lot to answer for, including hipocracy, moral selectivenes, ‘buying” votes with our taxes, arrogance etc.
    What one has to caution against is the outright attack, perhaps shooting from the hip, against OO as an seasoned Independant Whisstle blower. The OO Blog has done more for ODN than many many other individuals, using facts, calling a spade a spade, stepping on many a sensitive toe.

    That’s what is needed, continued bold, clinical facts, exposing corruption, incompetence, cover ups, nepotism etc to protect the the public purse and good governance and equality – , nothing more , nothing less. The officials on the wrong side of the law are always trying to buy time, shift the focus whilst the money coffers are being stripped unabatedly. For YEARS now, O has been warning us, when will the penny drop, and how much more time do these suspects need – we must be utter naive to continue with this premise “all is well, give them another day” trend. Immediate and permanent pressure is needed.I take it you can support this

  4. @ investgative public:

    I am not trying to buy anything and I assure you I do not have a red face at all, not in the least. I sure hope you are not referring to the Judge’s comments in the disciplinary hearing of Mr. Lonwabo Nqgoco.

    Stick to the issue at hand instead of launching a personal attack – your ad hominem arguments exposes a lot about your personality.

    Having said that, just give the man a chance is all I’m saying. Do not believe everything you read in the media. Mr. Lott’s has got 4 unqualified audits to support him vs. maybe one negative “finding” by a judge – which decision is being appealed. I recall the DA led Cape Town Municipality making a big song and dance about receiving an 8th unqualified audit, as if an unqualified audit is proof of proper governance. Why then do they (the DA) not accept the same to be true for (for instance) Bitou Municipality?

    I will try to focus more, if you promise to try and be a little bit more objective.

  5. And now Red 5 knows better than a judge who has already spoken out against Lott.
    Tell us Red5, are you trying to buy more time so that ODNs coffers can be stripped for another year ?
    Will you stand garentee in your personal capacity should Lott and Co not deliver and more money ‘disappears” ?

    As again, you are left red faced on the scene, five times over ! Methinks your credentials are wavering, if ever you had any ! FOCUS china, FOCUS ! (Not your strong point, hey ?)

  6. I believe Mr. Lott’s tenure in Bitou was above reproach and, as mentioned by Mr. Mapitiza, he received 4 consequetive unqualified audits in the last 4 financial years in Plett. I think Oudtshoorn should not judge the man as “incompetent or corrupt” by any means. Let him first prove himself as such, since his track record obviously shows him to be competent and honourable. Maybe it is time that Oudsthoorn looks past race or political affiliation and accepts that this man might be a good candidate for the position. Maybe, one year from now, Oudtshoorn will also have an unqualified audit report to be proud of.

  7. “Principals of Good governance” under the ANC, indeed sir, and Oudtshoorn is then an excellent example of how it must be done, alla ANC style hey?

    Putco: Lesson 101- Good Governance

    “Good governance is an indeterminate term used in development literature to describe how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources in order to guarantee the realization of human rights. Governance describes “the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented)”

    My word with a mayor who steals openly from his own community, and you sir as regional secretary of the ANC have done nothing to put this community at ease that the corruption is to stop by the ANC by taking action against this criminal, but then you will wait/abide with the decision of court? As is the custom? So in the mean time the raping of the coffers may continue until then?

    Big words “Principals of Good governance” indeed for a little ANC peanut like you Putco?

    What about the word “accountability”?

  8. Ai. As die ANC dan “good governance ” voorstaan sal hul “good riddance” se teen korrupsie. Die Dooms en April sage wys die teendeel.

  9. sadruid – Dit is nou juis die ding, dit gaan nie oor ” principles of good governance” nie, maar oor principles of good cover-up by the ANC.

  10. Putco, MMMMmm dit herhinder my aan n busdiens van jare trug, was uitstekend om feite te verduisel, boeke te kook, en die blaam te verskyf/sidestep/ignoreer. Snaaks tot dus ver, het ek meer feite in OO se berigte gelees as uit die “press release” van die anc. Ek sal graag wil weet wat die “principles of good governance” werklik is, as ook hul deffeniesie van “best practises” ?

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