Oudtshoorn: The ANC’s dumping ground

Want a job in an ANC municipality – have you mismanagement credentials?

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Oudtshoorn. 2 February 2012. 07h15. Me Mandy Cornett, then Bitou’s Manager: Budget & Treasury Office was about to be charged, along with six of her colleagues, with serious financial misconduct relating to tender irregularities, when she resigned to follow her boss, Deon Lott, to Oudtshoorn.

Oudtshoorn’s government had no problem, however, in appointing Cornett next to the new CFO, Cornett’s boss in Bitou.

Oudtshoorn: The ANC’s dumping ground for otherwise unemployable cadres.

And, in the absence of real protestations, it appears that Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers are only too happy to pay for the ANC’s cadre deployment strategy.

Lott has not yet reacted to OO’s friendly invitation to explain his atrocious Bitou financial management record.

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7 thoughts on “Oudtshoorn: The ANC’s dumping ground

  1. This Putco fellow sounds like one an old diesel (Putco) bus coughing and choking up a hill in JHB spewing black diesel fumes and smoke in the days of apartheid in the old Transvaal. You are so out of touch young man!!

    “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

  2. Please explain OO’s rebuttal Putco ?
    Makes one wonder about your own credentials and “best practise” !!
    We are waiting !!

  3. Putco, are you of the opinion that “ANC professionals” are vindicated by lies!?

    Indeed, hollow as such “vindication” might be!

    “The ANC led government promotes principles of good governance which best practises”!?

    Say what!?

    Keith Jordaan was encouraged to leave Oudtshoorn because he would not implement questionable ANC financial management instructions.

    An unqualified audit report when a municipality’s financial position is “parlous” – a finding by a judge during a disciplinary hearing which determined financial mismanagement – is nothing to be proud of!

    Shocking commentary, Putco! You have exposed the ANC’s atrocious shortcomings!

  4. OO always like to manufacture lies with aim to vindicate professionals worked under ANC administration. Perhaps you deliberately do not mention the fact that the former CFO of Oudtshoorn under whose management Oudtshoorn Municipal Council had disclaimer reports by AG is now employed by Bitou Municipal Council. Bitou unqualified audit reports for four consecutive years when Mr Deon Lott was the CFO and Mendy Cornett as Budget officer. The ANC led government promotes principles of good governance which best practises is one of the founding principles. With the employment of Mr Deon Lott and Mandy Cornett Oudtshoorn Municipality will receive unqualified report. DA chooses to hire individuals who failed the municipality. Let’s wait and see if DA led coalition will keep up to the clean and good governance in Bitou with all its political deployees.

  5. When the politicians complain that OO turns the proceedings into a circus, it should be made clear that the circus was already there, and that OO has merely demonstrated that not all the performers are well trained.

  6. OO – hier is iets wat jy aan sal moet krap want iets ruik nie lekker nie, lyk of daar nou ‘n span aangestel word om die korrupsie bene by die munisipaliteit weg te steek. Jy weet mos waar om inligting te kry, ek glo by Bitou is daar ook ‘n paar mense wat sal boslos oor die aktiwiteite van Lott en kie. Miskien kan jy sommer vir ons so ‘n ou fototjie plaas van die nuwe inwoners op oudtshoorn.

  7. OO – Die volgende vrae oor die aanstelling van Me Cornett by Oudtshoorn Munisipaliteit:

    Was die pos vakant waarin sy aangestel is of is dit ‘n nuwe pos.
    Indien die pos nie vakant was nie op watter gronde is sy in die pos aangestel.
    Is die pos behoorlik ge-adverteer en is onderhoude met ander kanidate ook gehou.
    Was die Raad bewus dat sy by Bitou dissiplinêre stappe in die gesig gestaar het.
    Was Me Cornett se aanstelling deel van die onderhandeling tussen Mnr Lott en die Raad met sy aanstelling en hoekom.

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