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Oudtshoorn. 11 February 2012. 09h00. OO readers already know Deon Lott’s grievous financial management record in Bitou

OO has now learned that the Bitou budget is to be downsized by 20% because of Lott’s overstated income projections.

The news comes as no surprise to OO, having read the testimony of the Bitou Independent External Audit Committee Chair – and CEO of Transnet, no less – Brian Molefe, in the Lonwabo Ngoqo disciplinary hearing. Ngoqo was found guilty and Mr Justice P. C. Combrinck returned a sanction of dismissal this Monday last.

Molefe testified to no cashflow or liquidity problems in Bitou.

Yet, Combrinck J called Bitou’s financial situation “parlous” in his December 22 findings.

Given Lott’s Bitou record, and his silence on Me Mandy Cornett to Oudtshoorn (see below) and a current budget at his immediate past employer out by one fifth(!) the man’s appointment by Council can only be described as unconscionable… as indeed “parlous”.

But wait, don’t buy OO’s diatribe yet! There’s more!

Lott’s Bitou boss, Ngoqo, was found guilty, and dismissed with criminal charges pending, of serious financial mismanagement – executed by, or at least in Lott’s full or partial knowledge… Lott, methinks, can not claim innocence as he, as CFO, must have known that specific instructions from his boss were illegal.

Deon Lott should forthwith be removed as CFO of Oudtshoorn.

As, if indications realise, will be the fate of Mr Molefe – to be fired, with no opportunity to gracefully resign, from the Bitou Independent External Audit Committee.

Ye gods, what a troop of jokers the ANC’s Local Government Stooges are!

2 February 2012. 14h00. This letter is self-explanatory…

The Director Finance
Mr Deon Lott

Dear Mr Lott

The State of Financial Management in Oudtshoorn

Your appointment is a matter of grave concern, given, in the words of the esteemed Mr Justice Combrinck, the “parlous” state of Bitou’s finances at the time of your departure for Oudtshoorn.

Misinformation on unspent grants; a loan contrary to Council resolution; mismanagement of a conditional allocation; late submission of Financial Statements; and a crippled cash flow in the wake of your aspiration to the ANC fuelled gravy train of the Klein Karoo, are conclusive proof of the folly of your appointment.

Withal, Oudtshoorn now face the grim reality of your treacherous tenure.

Please indicate, post haste and by return email, whether or not you, then CFO Designate, disclosed to Oudtshoorn that your Bitou Manager: Budget & Treasury Office, Ms Mandy Cornett, resigned in the face of serious financial misconduct charges relating to Tender SCM / SS 98 / 2010, to join the scamper for the Oudtshoorn Express.

Having you is insult sufficient; to add injury by Ms Cornett’s presence is contemptuous.

I submit that you could not possibly have been ignorant of the pending charges against Ms Cornett, as the Director: Administration and Acting Manager in the Office of the Executive Mayor; the Manager: Legal Services; the Manager: Electrical & Mechanical Engineering; the Procurement Officer: Supply Chain; the Manager: Human Resources; and the Manager: Supply Chain Management were to be charged with Ms Cornett… all individuals, I daresay, whom you must surely have encountered in the execution of your daily activities loosely categorised as “Management”.

Your own deficiencies aside, why did you not warn Oudtshoorn of Ms Cornett’s sui generis budgetary approaches!?

Your best attempts at parrying a straight answer is awaited with dire apprehension.


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23 thoughts on “Explain yourself, Deon Lott!

  1. Die waarheid maak seer en moenie slapende honde wakkermaak nie.
    Putco het ewe skielik baie stil geword

    Putco Mapitiza, wil jy nog enigiets se ter verdediging van jouself voordat die SOE/SAP binnekort ook op jou deur kom klop. Hierdie een gaan nou momentum optel en dink jy die ANC gaan jou vel red ? Nie vogens Zuma se onlangse State of the Nation toespraak nie.

    Watch this space !

  2. O Bergh

    I have been investigating the Lafatshe and Mothaleng contracts for some time now and I should be ready to publish my findings within a week.

    There is, however, a nasty rumour that the SIU stopped short of investigating the Lefatshe contract in Oudtshoorn. It’s a rumour only at this time and I should be able to confirm the true state of affairs this coming week.

  3. OO, I was just wondering?

    The process that was followed to appoint Lafatshe and Mothaleng at Bitou and Oudtshoorn if that was proper?

    After all Lonwabo Ngoqo and Pietersen were instructed by the ANC through Putco and his predecessor to appoint them?

    The two comrades were and are weak indeed!!!!

    Both have not stood the test of time….

  4. It would appear as if there are a number of people who know of the housing “issues” in Bitou.

    As per usual, OO will not disappoint…

  5. May that be the one where cash is paid to housing officials for the construction and awarding of contracts?

    You see Putco your comrades mouthes are big and their knives long!!!

    Watch you back Putco en hou jou bek….

    Times is few….

  6. Indeed, also to you, Blind Truth!

    Watch this space on Putco’s housing deal…

  7. Oh by the way OO, did you know that the same Putco was once a housing official at Bitou?

    Who conveniently disregarded the housing waiting list and organized himself and a few of his comrades low cost houses irrespective that they had lived less that 4 months in Plettenberg Bay?

    Amazing man hey?

    Putco you have the integrity of a bus….

  8. Putco you are a bus driver of a runaway bus heading down a cliff!!!

    We all know full well of Lefatshe and other firms were and are a front company of the ANC. And their appointment within the Eden district was driven from your office in George.

    From which office all cadres (councillors and officials) received weekly instructions from the regional leadership prior to the 18 May elections.

    So do yourself a favour and shut your mouth because we are fully aware of the corrupt activities under your leadership.

    Sleep well your days are numbered comrade.

  9. Eish mense. Lyk my ons moet kriminele word om ook munisipale bestuursposte te kry.

  10. Putco, my apologies. I forgot you know better than a retired Appellate Judge.

    Pray, what is so exceptional about an unqualified audit of a municipity with “parlous” financial circumstances?

    Is it relief that the cadres have not stolen – or have not been detected!?

    Nokeng also had unqualified audit reports, yet CoGTA’s cadre, Mpho Mogale, was suspended there and the municipality “discontinued” – wrapped up and incorporated into Tshwane.

    I don’t know about “former Apartheid opperatives”; I have the same disdain for the Natte that I have for the post Mandela cadres that I have for the milksop DA poltroons.

  11. Charges against the aforesaid officials is the DA agenda of purging black proffessional. Charges and findings against Mr Ngoqo are purely to mob the financial mismanagement by the DA Provincial government of fiscal dumping. How do you release funding on the last day of your financial calender to the Municipality knowing well that the financial year of the Municipalities is in three months time. In fact we must urge

    Oudtshoorn Municipality to conduct forensic investigation on how Oudtshoorn Municipality had a disclaimer. Bitou Municipality received its four consecutive time an unqualified audit under the leadership of Mr Deon Lott. For your information Mr Lott is an aid for the appalling financial situation of Oudtshoorn Municipality. Great friend of mine asked as to what happen to the former apartheid operatives? I could not answer him but his reply was that you find most of them in the social network with a primary task of discrediting the African National Congress, what’s your view?

  12. To get something done, a committee should consist of no more than three men, two of whom are absent.

    Kotane, are you willing to standup in court to repeat your aligations? OO can because of facts, not rumers. And can you please say how this can have a influence on the running of Oudtshoorn? This article is about the trustworthyness of apionted officailes in Oudtshoorns municipalaty and therefor custodians of our funds, and how they avioded being held accountable. The only excuse could be that they are wistle blowers, and therefor confirmed the alugations that the DA made in Bito.

  13. Mr Lott…Ms Cornett…why is this the place that you would chose to destroy the credebility of ..your names are already in such mess,I think it is only & just based on reports & outcomes of disciplinary measures which was brought against you two & the verdict that’s been given that you should excuse yourself from the decision making body at our municipality…you are being regarded as a disgrace to this institution

  14. Onberispelik se voet ! Ek is nie verbaas dat jy hierdie vergrype regverdig nie. Ord is bekend as n DA funder. Die Bitou Raad het al in Aug 2011 geweet dat die IT kontrak van lefatse verstryk 31 Desember. Lamsakkige excuse om n jare lange funder te reward. Skandalig. Maar omdat die man wit is word nie geskree korrupsie en bring die SIU nie. Ten minste nie deur OO nie. Wys net hoe rassisties jy is.

  15. Kotane – wat jy nie skryf nie is dat die stelsel wat deur die ANC aanvaar en implimenteer was van Lefatshe Technologies ten bedrae van R 10 miljoen rand nie gewerk het nie en die ANC derhalwe die geld van die belastingbetalers gemors het.

  16. kotane, kotane, kotane…

    Aaai, kotane!

    Die DiData-kontrak is onberispelik toegeken!

    Kry jou feite reg, man! Jy mors my tyd.

    En wat sê jy daarvan dat Ngoqo se vonnis ontslag is?

  17. Lott is skaars weg en daar vertrek die DA soustrein in Bitou ( Plett ) waar hy voorheen cfo was met vier skoon oudits. Ek hoop almal braak gal oor die R4,3 miljoen IT kontrak wat uitgedeel is aan DA funder Jeremy Ord. Dit is aan hierdie miljoener sakeman gegee sonder enige tender proses. As die DA beheer vat in ODN kry barrow en coetzee seker al die regswerk en OO die kommunikasie kontrakte dis hoekom julle so hard veg vir regime change.

  18. Jack, moontlik maar net as hulle omdraai vir ‘n laaste “kykie” vir Bitou en die Gemor(ra)s en “evil” wat hulle agtergelaat het!

    “Sodem”, one and all who dare to corrupt and abuse the system and their positions of public trust!

  19. Who are these men who gets it rite 2 start with bringing in all da baddies from where nobody sees them fitting in @ managerial levels…all the new top guys seems like they do not have cleansheet where they come…..Oudtshoorn simply the place 2 jump off…danmit councillors do’nt u deem it needed to check….”Picket fenches”…come on give us da community a break

  20. Redakteur ek glo nie Mnr Lott gaan jou antwoord nie, is al seker klaar deur Mnr April ingelig om hom nie aan OO te steur nie. Hoop nie Lott en sy Mandy gaan in ‘n soutpilaar verander nie.

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