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Oudtshoorn. 28 January 2012. 09h00. There was no activity at Tusong at 06h45; nothing at 07h00, the late adjusted time; nothing at 07h15…

So I started up a conversation with Mr Sindiso Mfenyana, a volunteer in the ANC’s Western Cape office and former Ambassador to Tanzania.

Had an opportunity to tell Mfenyana about Gordon April and…

Genuine shock. That was Mfenyana’s reaction to the ANC’s record in Oudtshoorn.

Mfenyana eventually accompanied me into the accreditation area and introduced me to Moegsien Ismail, Moeka to his friends, the new Media Liaison Officer in the provincial office.

OO was the first! to be registered of all media covering today’s “merriment with entertainment”!

Applause, anyone!?

Maar net voordat ek kon registreer het ek eers my hand uitgesteek na Oudtshoorn se parkepoliesman, Morena Douse, en hom hartlik gegroet sodat almal kon hoor.

Morena het my hand knorrig geïgnoreer.

“Are you well, Morena?”


“Why not, why are you in a bad mood?”

According to Morena God controls his mood, and all he could say was that he is not in a good mood today.

OO kniws exactly why Morena is in a bad mood.

It has to do with OO’s enquiry as to why Morena evicted the Oudtshoorn Rugby Club from a training field last Tuesday.

Morena is on the spot and his municipal boss, Robert den Drijver, as well as the Acting Director Community Services, Ron Lottering, is mum.

But, the good news is that OO is now “accredited”.

On the way home from Tusong, I spotted Pierre Uys and Johan Gelderblom in front of the municipality.

So I stopped to introduce myself.

“Oooo, is dít jý!?”


En toe daag Cobus Grobler ook op.

“O, is jy ‘Droë-bek’…”

OO het geleentheid gehad om vir Gelderblom en Uys in te lig oor die wanadministrasie op Beroerdplein.

“Maar hoekom vertel julle nie vir Bredell hiervan nie?”, wou Gelderblom weet.

En toe lag Gelderblom hardop oor my gesigsuitdrukking.

Adjunkpresident Motlanthe land glo so om en by 09h30.

Maar ek is wragtag nie lus om na ANC-grootpraatjies en pryssange te gaan luister nie, liewe lesers.

Verskoon my tog, my buitetoilet is gister geverf en ek moet gaan kyk hoe die verf droograak. Hoop julle verstaan.

O, en daar was nooit sprake van ‘n “media-ontbyt” vanoggend nie – maar net nóg ‘n ANC “misverstandjie”.

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27 thoughts on “The meriments start… or not

  1. COMMENT, all lip service, unless you are the most gullible person i have ever met
    The sentiments and moral feelings towards the ANC prior 1998 with Mandela still there, is one thing and quite understandable

    Since then it has been a one way downward spiral of in fighting and self enrichment ! As jy dit nie kan of wil raaksien nie is daar geen salf aan jou en jou volgelinge te smeer nie en kom hier nog groot “perre” vir SA. Slegs 34 Munisipaliteite nog staande en solvent uit 287 – almal ANC oorheers – wat se dit vir jou na 18 jaar ” and still counting the casualties daily ? Noorwes Provinsie is die mees onlangse gesneuwelde nadat die regering Limpopo verlede maand moes oorneem.

    Of ons vat nou almal hande saam dwarsoor die kleurgrens om korrupsie en onbevoegdheid vas te vat, of elkeen bly in sy eie Blou OF Geel en Groen kampie en wag op die GROOT IMPLOSION !
    Wat gaan dit wees ? Besluit self. Hoe gouer ons alle politiek uit Munisipale bestuur verwyder, hoe beter ons almal se kanse op oorlewing – PUNT !!

  2. ANC gives guilty municipal manager Lonwabo Nqoko a new job? – Common ANC, WALK TALK PLEASE!

    The Municipal Manager of Bitou (Plettenberg Bay) Municipality has been offered and has accepted a job as municipal manager in Sundays River Valley Municipality, despite being found guilty of financial irregularity.

    Bitou Municipal Manager Lonwabo Ngoqo has been found guilty by a disciplinary enquiry on 4 of the 7 counts he was charged with, which included contraventions of the Municipal Finance Management Act, as well as an apparent violation of section 67 of the Municipal Systems Act, which means that he should therefore not be able to hold office in another municipality for the next 10 years. The disciplinary process is currently awaiting his arguments in mitigation before sentence is passed. Bitou municipality expect this process to be concluded within 2-3 weeks.

    Despite this, it has emerged that Ngoqo has applied for and been appointed to the job of Municipal Manager of Sundays River Valley Municipality in the Eastern Cape. While this may not be in contravention of the exact letter of the new Municipal Systems Amendment Act it certainly violates the spirit of attempts to stop failed municipal officials from being reappointed in other municipalities.

    In considering Ngoqo for the position, the ANC-run council in Sundays River decided to appoint him despite reports that he was under investigation. This shows inexcusable negligence at best, and will give rise to speculation that he is another ANC cadre being given a job because of his political connections.

    Ngoqo has not yet informed Bitou that he is leaving for a job with a lower salary, and just days ago asked the council to replace his cellphone. This despite the fact that he has told Sundays River that he will start there on Wednesday.

    DA Provincial spokesperson on local government Dacre Haddon has written to MEC for Local Government and Traditional Affairs Mlibo Qoboshiyane asking him to reverse or stay this appointment.

    The DA calls on the national minister of Cooperative Governance, Richard Baloyi, to ensure that Qoboshiyane stops Ngoqo’s appointment. Failure to do so will show that the ANC’s attempts to fix failing municipalities are all talk when they come up against the practice of looking after comrades.

  3. @Comment

    It’s been 18 years…

    As the ANC statement was cooling off the press, Lonwabo Nqoko was appointed MM of Sondagsrivier.

    Nuff zed.

  4. @OO: The ANC is in fact led by a team of individuals of commanding intellect and sound administrative experience; sadly there is sometimes a disconnect between the vision the leadership has for a transformed South Africa and the implementation of that vision at the coalface of local government. There are reasons for this, not least of which is the fact that the exercise of democracy is for most South Africans a comparatively new experience. Transformation is a learning curve, with many potholes. Corruption is a corrosive force in our new society, but as the ANC statement last week articulates very clearly it is an issue which needs to be one focus of attention of all South Africans. In the ANC statement on the formation of Anti-corruption watch the party made it clear that the assistance of all South Africans is needed in the battle: ‘We call upon Cosatu and all South Africans to blow the whistle against crime and corruption committed in both the public as well as in the private sector. This will ensure that this scourge of crime and corruption is uprooted completely in our society.’ the ANC said.

    The full text of the statement was as follows:

    ‘The African National Congress (ANC) welcomes the launch of the Anti corruption unit – Corruption Watch – by Cosatu and Members of Civil Society. It is our held view that if crime and corruption is not firmly attended to, it has the potential to reverse our hard won democratic gains.
    Crime and corruption hampers the pace of government service delivery to our people. In our national as well as our local government election manifestos, the ANC has undertaken to ensure that government reviews its tendering systems by making them transparent in order to deal systematically with corruption and shoddy contractual work, where contractors who have delivered poor services will be blacklisted and forbidden from doing business with any Government structure.
    Responding to our call, Government has engaged the services of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU), to ensure that perpetrators of such corrupt acts are brought to book.
    We call upon Cosatu and all South Africans to blow the whistle against crime and corruption committed in both the public as well as in the private sector. This will ensure that this scourge of crime and corruption is uprooted completely in our society.
    We urge our law enforcement agencies to act swiftly in dealing with perpetrators of these ills. Furthermore, we call upon all South Africans to welcome this worthy initiative by Cosatu and Civil Society.’

  5. Hoe pragtig sit Comment vir “Wonder” op sy plek dat hy vir weke steeds gaan “wonder “wat hom getref het uit eie geledere. Welgedaan Comment.

    Jy sal vind meer as 90 % van die mensdom sal vir n party stem wat eerlik, deursigtig , bevoeg en “without prejudice” is. Ons land het nog n laaaaang pad om te loop en die DA of ANC is allermins daardie Messias

    Laat geregtigheid seevier, VIVA OO !!

  6. Comment, if the ANC was driven by people like you, I’d be a card carrying member.

    For the record: there is little of ANC vision I don’t share; the is equally ltlle of ANC tactics I condone.

  7. @Wonder: Your frustration with OO is completely understandable – the blog is aggressive, frequently vulgar, excessively disrespectful of democratically elected leaders, deliberately blind to the very many positive characteristics of the ANC, and is allegedly agenda-driven rather than being the objective reporter that we would all prefer.
    That said, it cannot be denied that the blog has tabled in the public domaine very serious allegations of corruption and maladministration in Oudtshoorn. Without the attention of OO those allegations would probably not have seen the light of day. The fact that these revelations may serve a conservative agenda should not blind us to the fact that we as supporters of a transforming South Africa also benefit from having access to the information: Because the revelations are humiliating to us ANC supporters should not provoke a response from us which would undermine the principle of press freedom.
    Instead we need to carefully scrutinise the allegations and, if there is truth in them, address the substance of the allegation rather then condemning OO for exposing the problems: the culprits should be addressed and not the reporter. Where we have a different understanding of processes we should engage with the blog on the issues and where we dispute reported facts we should respond with accurate information.
    It is very alarming to read that a journalist was allegedly intimidated at the Council meeting this morning: that is unacceptable behaviour which needs to be urgently addressed by local leadership. For interest I refer you to which carries a link to the ANC presentation to the Press Freedom Commission this morning: your attention is drawn particularly to pages 4 & 5 & 6.
    As I said previously, the most effective response to OO is to ensure that there is nothing to write about.

  8. @Comment, I for one is in full support of a free press and share your sentiment regarding the matter, the difference between a free press and OO is that a free press would and must deal with objectivity, OO does’nt have a clue what that is, if cdres get themselves on the wrong side of the law they must face the law and all it’s consequences and the public have every right to know about it, but Drewan Baird and his OO is one pathetic attempt for a tabloid, yes that is what I call it, he sensationalise everything as if he rejoice in it, everything is about him, he writes, he thinks, he’s opinion, I’m sure he’s mother neglected him as a child now he don’t know what to do with this sudden attention granted to him….

  9. @Wonder: The right to a free press is a gift to this country from the ANC-led liberation struggle. As cadres of the ANC we may disagree, and often be deeply offended by the conduct of the free press – but we have a duty to defend that freedom of the press: it is a right so many people suffered and died for. As disciplined cadres our response to critical journalism (such as on OO) is not to silence the publication but, rather to ensure that our conduct and the conduct of our elected leaders in public life is so exemplary that OO has nothing to publish.

  10. Natuurlik sal jy dit raaksien Mnr die redakteur, hoe kan jy ‘n groen t-hemp tussen 100 wittes miskyk? So graag soos wat ek wil sien dat dinge vlot verloop op Oudtshoorn, dat korrupsie uitgeroei word, en dat dienste VIR ALMAL gelewer word (en nie net vir jou en jou gespuis wat dink julle is al wat leef om belasting te betaal in Oudtshoorn en daarom die dorp as julle s’n toe-eien) net so graag wil ek sien dat OO se eensydige stront stop, so jy Mnr die redakteur kan maar ophou voorgee jy doen die “fantastiese werk” vir Oudtshoorn, jy veg vir al dai seniele bemoei-siekes wat niks anders het om te doen as om op hul gatte te sit en kerm oor stront nie, wat weet hulle van swaarkry, ek daag jou uit om vir ‘n week in Rosebank te gaan bly of spandeer en dan kom jy trug na jou misrabele bestaan en vertel die bliksems wat jou stront so aanhang waaroor hulle kan moan, dan doen jy iets konstruktiefs met jou tyd, hulle kerm oor die banaalste klomp stront, van mense wat te vinnig ry tot die blom op die munisipaliteit se stoep wat skeef hang, daar is baie erger dinge in die lewe, regte swaarkry en julle moan oor silly goed, kleinlike bliksems!!

  11. “Mnr Voel”!? Wat meen jy voel ek, *wonder*?

    Hoekom is dit so maklik om ANC-gesindes raak te sien op OO?

    Ek voel jammer…

  12. Mnr die redakteur, jy lieg openlik in die publiek, jy raak dan nou net soos die korrupte amptenare, jy was nooit van plan om vir die ANC enige exposure te gee nie, jy sal so siek wees as jy dit moet doen, OO sal vir 3maande stilstaan!! @Cobus Grobler, droe-bek is ‘n baie sagte woord om die voel (Drewain Baird) te beskryf, ek kan aan ‘n hele paar gepaste name dink, SUURGAT is 1 van hulle, wat wed ek jou hy’t gekots toe hy hoor dat die ANC toe wel hul feeskostes gedek het?! En hoekom moet jy dan juis jou munisipale rekeninge by die munisipilateit gaan betaal, daar is Checkers en Pick n Pay ook dan? Na alle waarskynlikheid hoop hy om iemand letterlik in die kluis te “vang” by die munisipaliteit! Jy’s 1 bitter mens “Mnr Bird” (afrikaans Mnr Voel)

  13. Die droebekke… Dis nou seker ook die mense wat so sonder nat of droog oor hulle lippe staan wanneer die ANC se GROOT GEESTE die sjampain (ennie Black Label, ennie Glenfiddich, ennie Hennesey) namens die armes afslurp. Ek vertrou Blommetjie en Eishie het darem ‘n staan (of is dit nou slurp) plekkie by die shampainbak gekry.

  14. I take your point, Comment, and I am in fact relying on Mr Mfenyana’s facilitation in convincing Songezo, Cobus and Moeka to ensure my fair access tomorrow!

    But how a sterling reputation such as Mfenyana’s is rubbished by individuals such as April!

    It is opprobrious!

    And April has power only because the ANC gives him power!

  15. @OO: My point being that it would be very difficult for the ‘local’ ANC to deny you accreditation when such accreditation is personally facilitated for you by a person of the stature of Mr Mfenyana.

  16. Comment, why should I give the ANC exposure if the ANC Mayor and his (by the Mayor’s own claim!) Municipal Manager do not even allow me to cover Council Meetings!?

    ANC speaks with forked tongue!

    I have solicited the help of Songezo Mjongile, Cobus Grobler, and Moegsien Ismail to ensure that I be allowed in the gallery tomorrow.

    What a disgraceful and scandalous attitude from Oudtshoorn’s ANC kaders!

  17. @OO: Mr Mfenyana is a legendary character – a former Secretary to National Parliament who shared a desk (literally) with Oliver Tambo in exile. By your own account, after you had articulated to Mr Mfenyana a critical analysis of the ANC in local government in Oudtshoorn: ‘Mfenyana eventually accompanied me into the accreditation area and introduced me to Moegsien Ismail, Moeka to his friends, the new Media Liaison Officer in the provincial office.OO was the first! to be registered of all media covering today’s “merriment with entertainment”!’ That a man of the stature of Mfenyana facilitated your accreditation and introduced you to Moegsien Ismail is not meaningless – and you should have taken up the opportunity to attend and cover the event. It is very difficult to motivate for you to be accredited (in the interests of press freedom ,and despite your critical position re the ANC) when you don’t use that accreditation when it is facilitated for you.

  18. He-he-he!

    Cobus! Ja, Drewan Baird ís my regte naam.

    En ek is nie uitgenooi na enige brekfis nie en het bloot gevra nadat ek daaroor uitgevra is!

    Die ANC verbied my selfs die munisipale geboue – getrou aan ANC-deursigtigheid. Daarom het ek géén verwagtinge van die lûbirysjin moefmint nie.

    (Cobus Grobler is verbonde aan die Wes-Kaapse ANC se media en navorsings-eenheid.)

  19. Miskien moet Drewan Baird (is dit sy regte egte naam?) weer gaan kyk na sy kla-SMS wat hy laataand die dag tevore wyd versprei het… daarin bekla hy sy lot dat hy nie weet waar en wanneer die “media-ontbyt” is nie. Daar was in die ANC se beplanning geen ontbyt vir die media gereël nie. Ek het dit in sy teenwoordigheid opgeklaar. Mense buite die ANC het mekaar van een vertel… Dit op sigself spreek boekdele dat gerugte in volstruisdorp nogal belangriker as feite gereken word. Ek is jammer dat daar sulke verwagtinge ontstaan het.

    Nou, ja! Soos ek die woord droëbek verstaan, is dit iemand wat niks gekry het nie, terwyl die ander elk ‘n bordjie, koeldrank of selfs meisie het… Dus is die gebruik van die term in die kol, omdat hy (Dit is nou Drewan Baird) droëbek daar gewag en weg is – sonder ‘n gratis ontbyt vir die Vierde Stand!! Miskien moet die skrywer maar nie beeldspraak in ‘n eienaam verander nie… Minstens nie op sy eie nie! ‘n Mens laat dit eers by Binnelandse Sake registreer, meneer die editeur!!

    Terloops: Drewan Baird beteken mos in die Britse dialekte iets soos wyse hofsanger… Nou wonder ek net wie se imbongi/pryssanger hy is! Miskien moet hy leer om dinge ‘n bietjie minder ernstig op te neem en ‘n knippie sout byneem so saam met die selfverheerliking wat sy pennevrugte kenmerk!

    Die Afrikaanse Woordeboek (moet ek ‘n afskrif faks?) beskryf droëbek so: Sonder iets te drinke; figuurlik – sonder om in voorgenome genot of vreugde te deel; en ‘n visserterm uit die Suidkaap – Kan nie vandag vis vang nie, die see is droëbek. Die Handboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (HAT) verduidelik ook droëbek is om teleurgestel of met leë hande weg te gaan…

    Aitsa! Daar skiet ‘n beeld my nou te binne. Asterix en sy dik vriend Obelix (versot op vark) se strokiesprente sluit mos altyd af met ‘n fees waar die hofsanger Kakofonieks (woordspeling op die term vir wanklankig) se mond toegebind is, hy vasgebind is of sy stukkende lier buite sy bereik aan ‘n boom opgehang is sodat hulle in vrede kan eet. My vrugbare verbeelding moet nou ingetrek word of ek sien meer dinge voor my geestesoog as wat ek hier kan beskryf!!

    Dag ou grote! As ek weer daar in Oudtshoorn kom, moet ons tog ‘n ou broodjie saam breek sodat ek kan opmaak vir sy verlies!

  20. Gelderblom!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dit is die man wat as studenteraadskandidaat op Stellenbossh voor duisende studente verklaar het “Ek is nie skaam om te sê ek is ‘n christen en ‘n nasionalis nie”. So het sy openbare lewe begin. As ‘n verklaarde “regse”!!!!
    Nou durf hy, ‘n Gabba van “Oom John” en “Oom P.W” se kornute, op Oudtshoorn op te daag vir die viering van 100 jaar ANC.

  21. Have not heard the Pres jet overfly yet – maybe it and the back-up are both “US / FKD” – as is the ANC!

    PS Sungam – stem heeltemaal saam, die ANC aleen as PP moet betaal vir gebruik van die dorp se geriewe, T-Shirts, drank en kos – KANT EN KLAAR – en ons wil bewys daarvan sien!

  22. Ek hoop die redakteur sal vasstel of die ANC betaal het vir die huur en gebruik van die munisipaliteit se geriewe? Sale en die stadion. Hou ons op hoogte.

  23. Eish. En 10/10 vir hul beplanning. Rapport se niks gaan aan op die rank nie? Hoe nou. Du zo voort OO

  24. Dear Ed

    …..nooit sprake van ‘n “media-ontbyt” vanoggend nie….

    Perhaps they wanted the press to bring along their own “humble pie” seeing the ANC cupboard stands bare of this moral commodity?

    Fools and Deceivers – “Party and Pray” and to hell with working and serving!

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