Merriments which includes some entertainment

ANC Centenary Circus hits town

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Oudtshoorn. 28 January 2012. 06h30. Verwoerd Square media releases are so very entertaining.

This one from the Executive Embarrassment of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Gordon “The Sandman” April, on the ANC’s Oudtshoorn chapter of its centenary celebrations.

(Please note the Grade sixer’s reference to President Zuma…)

Ref. no. 8/1/12

27 January 2012

For immediate release


Oudtshoorn will host the Provincial ANC Centenary Celebrations at the Bridgton stadium on Saturday, 28 January 2011 – the Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe will be the keynote speaker in this rally.

“We congratulate the African National Congress for its centenary celebrations, says the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Alderman Gordon April who will also attend the event. “Moreover, it is an honour to host the provincial centenary celebrations of the ANC – the oldest party in Africa with an enormously rich history, and for that we would like to express our admiration.

“The Greater Oudtshoorn successfully hosted the President of the Republic, his majesty Mr. Jacob Zuma last year, and it is certainly an added privilege to host the deputy President this year,” Aldm. April adds.

The ANC turned 100 on January 8, 2012 after it was founded in the Wesleyan Church in Waaihoek, Mangaung (Bloemfontein) where the national festivities took place.

According to the provincial secretary of the ANC, Songezo Mjongile, the Rally starts at 12:00 and visitors from across the province and more specific the Southern Cape area shall congregate to listen to Deputy President Motlanthe together with their provincial leaders and to join in the merriments of the event, which includes some entertainment.

“The rally will focus on the struggles South Africans endured to bring a democratic country into being.

“The programme starts in the morning when Deputy President Motlanthe meets key people in the community; he will have short period of interaction with people on the streets of Oudtshoorn and visit some veterans of the ANC before he will address the rally at noon,” adds Mjongile in a media

“Oudtshoorn is known for its generosity and hospitality, we trust that our visitors from all over the Western Cape and parts of the country will enjoy their stay here,” Aldm April concludes.

The media was invited to a breakfast with dignitaries this morning, but by 19h30 last night none of the local media knew where or when the breakfast would be held.

OO fired off an sms enquiry to the ANC’s Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Songezo Mjongile: “Songezo, Oudtshoorn media invited to ANC100 b/f tmrw. No one knows where & when; I was banned, in true ANC transparency, from mun property by MM Mnyimba! If the ANC can’t run a celebration…

Mjongile responded within 15 minutes: “The least I know Cde Putco Mapitiza invited media and accrerditation starts at 06h30 at Thusong centre behind Bongolethu police station. Plse go there.

And 8 minutes later he added:”If u hav any probs. Call

So, OO is off to the Thusong Centre within the next few minutes… Watch this space!

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10 thoughts on “Merriments which includes some entertainment

  1. If you have a kingdom, You have a king
    If you have a country (pronounced properly), you have a …………..
    It figures. Does it not ??

  2. Jip, Glenn…

    If we had a King, South Africa would have been a Kingdom.

    But we have Zuma, and therefore South Africa is just a country…

  3. Jaaaa, Hannes.

    Gordon moes eintlik die burgemeester van Kakamas of Brakpan gewees het. Of Nigel.

  4. It’s a long time since I had such a good laugh about his “MAJESTY”—King Zuma—but shouldn’t he be the ARCHBISHOP waiting for the return of Jesus?

  5. If Zuma is his majesty! then – I suppose Gordon April is the Baron of Baron van Reede Street.

  6. ……If u hav any probs. Call“ – Mjongile / ANC?


    More “cake”,T shirts and a large dose of plebeian obfuscation!

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