Is the ANC paying!?

Are ratepayers of Oudtshoorn paid for the use of their facilities!? Yes, we are!

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Oudtshoorn. 28 January 2012. 12h30. In answer to a question by OO reader “sungam“, I enquired as follows from Thandekile Mnyimba; Francois Human; Songezo Mjongile and Marius Fransman at 14h04: “Please confirm that the ANC has paid / will be paying the going price for facilities used in Oudtshoorn for centenary celebrations.”

At 12h06 Mjongile replied: “U not real”.

At 12h07 I fired back: “I’m very real! Have you paid the ratepayers for the use of their facilities!?”

Mjongile, at 12h18: “Come on this is tabloid stuff. We are a very responsible organisation with a hundred year experience.”

OO, at 12h20: “Then you’ll do the responsible thing and pay up. Please confirm payment!”

Mjongile, at 12h45: “I am sorry don’t understand yo angle. ANC has paid for all services rendered”

OO, at 12h46: “Thanks! Great! The ANC is O.K… Its ANC municipalities that embarrass the party! Easily fixed?”

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10 thoughts on “Is the ANC paying!?

  1. Dear Ed – Insist on a receipt and send to SIU for verification of a “factual” transaction!

    Party or Municipality – don’t trust either “as far as I can throw them!”

  2. OO, was the Mighty Word tent also used? I hope Evangelis Ranger Grebe opened the centenary celebrations on the proper manner. I assume that the celebrations were concluded alla “Polokwane style” with cases of Jack Daniels, Black and Blue Label whiskey, after all something like this only comes around every 100 years!!

  3. OO, I do not trust them, point. If they can lie about “not knowing” and what they said on record, watch my lips, on tape and video, why not about a rental payment?

  4. Point taken, sadruid!

    I plan to confirm, but I can’t imagine a polician will tell so blatant a lie about something that can be confirmed or disproofed.


  5. I have learned the hard way that it is easy to say “We paid”, for X,Y,Z but the truth is never gave a cent. Show me the recites! and why have I got a funny feeling that it was payed with the payment re. the mighty word service.

  6. Well done OO
    A free lunch at Taxpayers expense should always be investigated, especially to enlighten St 4 Mayors who have never done Economics 1, thinking money falls from the sky, M5 Cars, sand en klip, Revival meetings etc.

  7. En daarom, Inquisitiveness, durf ons nóóit ophou vra nie en pik nie…

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