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Oudtshoorn. 21 January 2012.

11h00. Ye gods!

It is the very first legal matter, apart from petty theft charges against that piddling pelter from Dysselsdorp, that Thandekile Mnyimba and Francois Human have to manage – Allen Paulse’s application to have their appointments set aside… And they botch it.

By the pantheons!

This embarrassing ineptness is conclusive proof that Mnyimba and Human is emphatically unfit for office!

For crying in a bucket!

Paulse’s case is against the municipality, but the jobs of Mnyimba and Human are on the line… And they muff it.

Monty Python, bless the troupe’s collective soul, could not have come up with something this ridiculous.

Written notice to oppose Paulse application was due on December 31. It was filed on January 11.

Answering papers were due yesterday. It was not filed.

In fact, the advocate identified by Council’s attorney, Hardy Mills of Plettenberg Bay, told Paulse’s Council yesterday that he had received no instructions to draft the answering papers and that he has no information in the matter.

Also, he is not available on Wednesday, the day set aside for the hearing.

This is ludicrous!

The immediate past Speaker of Bitou, Johan Brummer, told OO this morning that Mills’ ineptness and unprofessional conduct has caused Bitou significant damages.

Mills recently failed to submit final arguments by the deadline in the Ngoqo disciplinary hearing in Bitou.

Bitou currently has two complaints against Mills with the Law Society: For divulging privileged information, and for refusal to return files subsequent to the termination of his services.

Yet Mills is Verwoerd Square’s choice as legal representative. Whatever can be wrong with Avontuur & Genote, for example, the local firm paid more than R313,000 in December? Why an attorney from Plettenberg Bay? Why should ratepayers foot a huge travel claim?

This fool management is going to cost ratepayers money – a lot of money.

We have no money to fix streets and maintain infrastructure, but our town managers fork out R60,000 to have bumpkinly preachers and prophets pontificate poppycock to the primitive.

And we play silly buggars with the High Court of the land.

This mismanagement is at best insulting.

OO has had no reply to enquiries in this matter from Mnyimba, Human, or Mills.

Oudtshoorn is run by fools.

(I do apologise for the alliteration. I couldn’t help myself.)

14h30. Here is Paulse’s letter to Mills…


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8 thoughts on “Blunderers, botchers, bumblers, bunglers and butchers

  1. As far as history is concerned, the only person who recently have caused Bitou municipality significant damages is the self same Mr. Johan Brummer.

  2. Is dit die selfde Brummer wat die Bitou belasting betalers een miljoen rand uit die sak gejaag het met sy groot kop hofsaak om ANC lede stil te maak in die raadsaal? Dis seker nie die selfde meneer wat haagstig moes bedank het as speaker omdat hy te n groot verleentheid vir die DA geword het nie. Ek sal absoluut geen advies van Brummer aanvaar nie al gee hy dit ook verniet.

  3. Incompetent legal advisors laat my dink aan die volgende: What is the difference between a catfish and a lawyer – well, the one is a scum scucking bottom dweller and the other is a fish, of course…..

  4. Monty Python, I do not think so, the Goon show may be beter. As for the delay tacticks may just explode in their faceses. It could not be excuesed, as it is perpousefully done. councilors must pay out own pockets!

  5. ….and good old Nero Bredell of the so-called Western Cape “Administration”, along with the DA in its entirety, fiddles while Oudtshoorn burns!

    Shameful behavior on everyone’s part!

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