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Oudtshoorn. 18 Januarie 2012. 14h00. The Municipal Manager, Thandekile Mnyimba issued this media release earlier today…


The following items some of which have received wide coverage in the media have been identified by the office of the Municipal Manager as important and need to be attended to by release of an update
or status to inform the citizens of the greater Oudtshoorn and all other stakeholders.

Alleged theft of sand and stone by the Executive Mayor

Internal processes to attend to the recent incident of the alleged theft of sand and stone by the Executive Mayor, Aldm Gordon April, are in progress. The numerous media reports that have emerged recently on the criminal case laid against the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Aldm Gordon April have reached the office of the Municipal Manager.

The Municipal Manager, Mr. Thandekile Mnyimba is writing a report to the office of the Speaker, Aldm John Stoffels to further investigate the matter. The Speaker, will then set up a committee that will further probe on the issue and report back to the Speaker on its findings. The Speaker will afterwards table a report to Council for Council to resolve on the matter.

Disciplinary against Community Services Director

The Oudtshoorn Municipality have entered into a settlement agreement with the Director of Community Services Mr. Walter Hendricks which will be table before Council for endorsement. The settlement was reached amicably.

High Court application against Council

We can confirm that the application submitted by Mr. Allen Paulse against the Council on appointment of senior managers will be heard on 25 January 2012 in the Cape High Court. Council intends to defend the application.

Oudtshoorn Municipality GG Camp Mayoral Relief

The Oudtshoorn Municipality confirms that the 10 000 Euros reported to have been donated by our strategic partner, Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands have been received.

The Municipal Manager, Mr. Mnyimba will soon visit the victims of the GG Camp Fire tragedy to acquaint himself with the situation of the affected people. “I am closely monitoring the activities around the interventions to bring relief to the affected people and no money has been spent as yet on the donations received,” says Mr. Mnyimba.

The Executive Mayoral Committee which has initiated the establishment of the fund is still to take decision on when and how the money will be spent to relieve the affected people.

We furthermore request any other individuals / institutions to continue donating to the emergency fund. The particulars for the account number are as follows:

Standard Bank
Account Holder/Name:
Oudtshoorn Municipality – GG Camp Mayoral Relief Fund
Account No:
330 073 435
Branch Code:
05 0514



By the way… Where will Council get the R1.4m to fund the “amicable settlement” with Walter Hendricks?

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6 thoughts on “Mnyimba speaks – the man’s alive!

  1. Liegvlieg – I agree, but given the lack of response from ANYONE on ANYTHING, we are unfortunately left to maar blabber!

    “Blabbering” is an affliction brought on by some of the following “Town” viruses:-

    – Zille won’t respond constructively, other than to say “We got the Government we deserve”?

    – Bredell is like the proverbial Oudtshoorn Ostrich with his head in the sand, hoping he won’t see the problem so it doesn’t exist?

    – The DA local Caucus leaders tells me – “you should see the problems and frustrations WE have” (in comparison to yours?)

    – Our Ward Councillor tells me that “Law and Order” in Oudtshoorn has all but collapsed?

    – Elected candidates and “cadre deployments” across the political spectrum are more interested in keeping their lucrative and cushy jobs and milking the system, than serving their constituents and the public?

    – Various attempts at corespondence to the Mayor, The Director Community Services, the Town Manger and the Chief of Safety and Security do not apparently even warrant an acknowledgement let alone a response?.

    You can NEVER get to speak to an official – you must always deal with his or her “PA” as – and I quote – “The Director is a very busy man!”

    The Council service and offices closes down at 3.45pm each day – a lot earlier on Fridays, and its entire running is left to a couple of so called “Emergency Room” personnel who have no authority and for the most, with a few notable exceptions, they merely, sigh, listen “patiently” to complaints, observations and “civil” recommendations, then put the phone down?.

    -The roads are like 4X4 challenges?

    – Residents – rich and poor alike drive recklessly around town, ignoring Stop streets and the like, some in unroadworthy cars or on “larny” Harley Davidson’s without silencers, ignoring the bloody noise they make, and our “illustrious” Traffic Chief does naught?

    -The road marking signage is all but “dissolved”?

    – The public “sidewalk parked car” drinking practice – which starts about 10 am most days and consequent littering on the streets of Wesbank is a “crime” unchecked by OM and the SAPS?

    – The river looks like a sewer and a public refuse tip?

    – The rubbish collection service has no pride in their work and regularly leaves spillage after picking up bags?

    – We never get Liewater because, by the Council’s own admission, the entire system has collapsed and will probably never work in town again, but are billed and must pay R95.00 pm in terms of some 1897 Law – for WHAT?

    -The Council never meets to discuss, debate, consider and constructively with transparently resolve Town matters, other than to ratify “deals” struck behind closed doors by april and his gang of 5? – Some Democracy hey?

    We are clearly on a very slippery slope if our Mayor and his team cannot but show interest in their tasks and SWORN DUTY TO SERVE and tackle the basics of running our Town – which is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, not to mention keeping their hands out of the honey-pot of our ever- dwindling financial resources.

    Solutions welcomed!?

    Still afflicted with blabber!

  2. Johan laat die Munisipaliteit en die Raadslede maar betaal vir die vrugtelose uitgawes, soos om hofsake te oponeer wat hulle moontlik kan verloor. hoe meer vrugtelose uitgawes daar is, hoe meer hang die verantwoordelike persone en Raadslede hulself. Teen die trant van onbevoegde mense aanstel, persone geskors word met betaling vir etlike maande, skeidings pakkette asook regskoste is die munisipaliteit alreeds nie instaat om sy funksies te verrig nie want daar is nie geld nie. Die belangrikste is dat die publiek ingelig moet word van die wanadministrasie en vermorsing van belastigbetalers geld en dat wanneer daar genoegsame bewyse is van ongeruimdhede, bedrog, diefstal en wanadministrasie die nodige regstappe teen die munisipaliteit en die verantwoordelik persoon geneem word. Voorts is dit belangrik dat die belastingbetalers moet weet hoeveel geld vermors word op vrugtelose uitgawes wat die dorp en dienslewering negatief raak.

  3. ……and a lot of blabber by a lot of participants on this forum.

    Almal maak bek. Ek inkluis. En die uiteinde is dat ék en jy – soos in I & J – (en dalk die arme “Wonder” tot n mate ook) maar die gelag sal betaal. Met note, betaal. Vir gordon se klippe, die klank toerusting en hempies – daar sal seker kêpse ook wees – en skeidings pakette en Hooggeregshof kostes ens. ens. Die stelling dat amptenare/raadslede verantwoordelik gehou kan word vir hulle besluite, is al holrug. Niemand, maar NIEMAND steur hulle daaraan nie. Party mense het eenvoudig net nie die saffy om hulle daaroor te bekommer nie. In my onkunde kan ek nie glo dat volwasse mense kan terugsit en sulke twak aanskou nie.

    As die politieke party se leiers in die Kaap, waaragter ek my kruisie getrek het, te slapgat is om in te gryp teen vergrype, moet ons na ‘n ander De La Rey gaan soek wat Oudtshoorn kan lei. Of ‘n Silkaats, fot that matter. Onder sy/haar? leiding kan ons dan van die slap, verkose DA raadslede ontslae raak, en onafhanklikke mense instem. ( As ek net geweet het hoé om dit aan te voer, dan sou ek)

    Ons het immers eintlik maar net ‘n teenstem uitgebring, en nie soseer vìr die kanidaat nie. Dit lyk my nie hulle gaan ooit die mas opkom nie.

  4. Alleged theft of sand and stone by the Executive Mayor: No need for a comitee, the case is on the court roll, comitee is a waste of time and my tax funds!
    Disciplinary against Community Services Director: Details why and what? and the cost or is more of my funds waisted on clever std4 thoughts?
    High Court application against Council: I do not condone ainy of my tax funds for this, the councilors that made this Fransman-up must find the funds els where!
    Oudtshoorn Municipality GG Camp Mayoral Relief: Good for the donation, but A what da Fraansman did they do in the building if they have been warned to move out? B why must we pay for other peopels gamble’s if it backfired on them? Will you pay my dept for my mis calculations?

  5. Hear Hear George! – The ratepayers are not here to fund the ANC’s cadre (mis) deployment.

    Dammit have they no shame but to hide behind some trumped-up “disciplinary” charge against Hendricks whose only “crime” I understand was to challenge the mayor on his alleged theft of Council materials, and then when april didn’t care for it, he wants to dismiss him? BS I say!


    Some 8 months ago the national leadership of the ANC told the citizens that they were going to put an immediate stop to cadre “shuffling”, having identified this expensive “trick” taking place at a frightening pace within Municipalities – not to mention Provincial and National Government.

    However, here we go again with Hendricks and the ANC’s “new cadre” – another pietersen “in-out and goodbye” to a few more millions forked out by ratepayers!

    Zuma and his cronies clearly “speak with forked tongue” on this matter.

    Take Council and particularly april to task on this “fraud – please, AfriForum

  6. High Court application against Council

    The Council should consider it carefully before defending the application. Do they have the money to do so? The Councilors voting for these appointments might be held liable for the expenses to defend the application.
    The Oudtshoorn taxpayers will not cough up for the expenses to defend the application. I can already feel the tension building up.

    Settlement for Director

    in light of the fact that the Council has no money, they should ask the Political party of the new appointed director to pay for this, as they are benefiting from this. Why should the taxpayers have to pay for this? Wasteful expenses in the eyes of the taxpayers,

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