Gister se kragonderbreking

‘n Direkte gevolg van jarelange wanadministrasie

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Oudtshoorn. 4 Januarie 2012. 15h15. Daar is groot ontevredenheid oor gister se lang kragonderbreking.

Die nuwe munisipale bestuurder se verduining (verduideliking en verskoning) was allermins oortuigend.

Dít was die storie:

Ref. no. 1/1/12

03 January 2012

For immediate release


The office of the Municipal Manager wishes to sincerely apologise to the community of the Greater Oudtshoorn for the unexpected electricity outage that occurred since this morning, 03 January 2012.

Half of the electrical power supply for Oudtshoorn on the 22 000 KV main substation blew up, resulting into breakage of electrical supply to certain areas of Oudtshoorn. The electrical technicians have been activated to ascertain the cause of the fault.

The municipal electrical team is working towards restoration of power supply has assured that the electrical outages will only continue until about 15:00 this afternoon.


Inwoners moet nou eenmaal besef dat wanadministrasie uiteindelik en onafwendbaar lei tot die inploffing van infrastruktuur.

Gister se “vonkontploffing” was die direkte gevolg van onvoldoende instandhouding, wat die direkte gevolg van begrotingstekorte is, wat die direkte gevolg van wanadministrasie is.

Wie ook al “verveeld” raak met OO se voortdurende blootlegging van wanadministrasie op Oudtshoorn het gister ervaar wat die uiteindelike gevolg is van anderpad kyk.

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6 thoughts on “Gister se kragonderbreking

  1. Comrade, Let me ask you what has been done since the election? NIKS, Hoeveel van ons belasting geld is uitbetaal (oeps vergeet jy betaal nie belasting nie )?

  2. In the meantime the Pied Piper is gleefully playing his flute and the ilks of “Comrade”, (always so completely off the point and busy with his own debate all by himself, whilst the population has long moved on) and the uninformed are all wondering what the fuss is all about as infrastructure starts imploding. After all, they have been used to so little infrastructure all these years anyway, so why all the excitement now ?

    “Commie”, as things implode gradually due to incompetence, corruption and cadre deployment and unemployment rises and food shortages etc increase and the masses start murmering violently, please then, walk in front and tell them what YOU have done all along to add and deflect regarding the inevitable chaos.

    Forewarned always better than “looking the other way” for expedient short term political gain as so many fools have learnt. Tell us please “Commie”, which “catag-goree” you fall into, as you continue to irresponsibly clown about china !!

  3. OO
    Volgende debakel sal wees Water . Ons spog al reeds met ‘n patetiese en verleentheidskeppende telling van die water en riool evaluering………………………… Nog iets vir Afriforum se navrae lys.

  4. Dit is dieselfde as eskom. Die agter geblewendes glo alles wat hulle geerf het bly vir ewig instant.

  5. Surprise, surprise!

    …. and we are led to believe by Mogale and april per their “year end letter” of comfort and reassurance to the residents, that the ANC alone has all the “bright sparks”?…..

    Next thing we will be getting the proverbial “drol in die drinkwater”, at which point we can “leave the room and last one turn the lights out” – Oh, I am forgetting, that issue is already well in hand!

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