My buddy, my neighbour, my crony and me

Eden Mayor settles political debts with a few cushy gravy train jobs

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Oudtshoorn.20 September 2011. 12h15. While the DA in Oudtshoorn is fighting ridiculous appointments in the offices of the Icosa Deputy Executive Mayor and the NPP Speaker, the DA Executive Mayor of Eden has appointed three local lackeys, and a PA from the Boland.

Wessie van der Westhuizen, whose absence from an Oudtshoorn Council Meeting last Wednesday resulted in a failed attempt by the DA to prevent the illegal appointment of Mpho Mogale – an appointment desperately needed by Van der Westhuizen’s close personal friend, Western Cape ANC Leader, Marius Fransman.

Van der Westhuizen appointed Sylvester Taylor as his “Office Manager”.

Taylor is a longstanding friend and confidante of the Mayor.

When the DA and the ID all but merged last September, Van der Westhuizen did his damnest to have Taylor appointed to the DA Constituency Committee. He succeeded.

Then Van der Westhuizen tried his level best to get Taylor nominated as a DA candidate for the May 18 elections, having failed to secure a ward nomination for Taylor in the October 3 by-elections last year.

Taylor, however, did not make it past even the first round of interviews for ward candidates.

Van der Westhuizen then attempted to secure a proportional berth for his friend. Qualifying for the proportional list was also a bridge too far for the hapless Taylor. Even candidates such as Jann Botha! and Freddie Hintza! were preferred to Taylor!

Yet, today Taylor finds himself installed in the Mayor’s office at R360,000 per year, managing the Mayor’s official life and keeping the media informed of the Mayor’s doings.

Alfonso Sauls, a local businessman and the Mayor’s residential neighbour is the new Acting Director Strategy at Eden.


The erstwhile ID’s Theo MacMaster, “let go” by George, was recruited by the Mayor for the Speaker’s office. The Speaker would have nothing of it and it took the intervention of the Western Cape DA Leader, Theuns Botha, to have MacMaster redeployed as PA to the Mayco… even though MacMaster, so OO is told, can not even type.

The problem with Botha’s “plan” is that the Mayco already has a PA, one who can type.

But Botha chalks his intercession up as a victory. And the Dalai Lama is an Kansas Evangelical, didn’t you know?

It’s all settled then. A “crisis” has been averted. All is happy now. But the DA must please refrain from accusing the ANC of “cadre deployment”. Ye gods, this pot and kettle set is of a particular dark hue of pitch black.

A Mayor just doesn’t appoint his buddy and his neighbour. At the very best it has an appearance of impropriety. And MacMaster’s “accommodation” screams political payback.

For crying out loud, OO has confirmed with two informed sources that no other candidates were even interviewed for the positions!

To crown this dans macabre, OO is told that Van der Westhuizen received “political instruction” to make these particular appointments… and that Botha lambasted Van der Westhuizen summat awful. Two mutually exclusive events, would not one surmise?

Could it be that the DA is still paying for its overrated acquisition of the defunct Independent Democratic Party? Could it be that Patricia de Lille is still demanding jobs for the botcher boys?

Van der Westhuizen’s new Personal Assistant is one Ms Suerhete Fransman…

No, she says she’s not one of “those” Fransmans; she says she has never even met Marius Fransman. But she has also been heard to deny any familial link and saying that “dis ‘n ongeskikte man daai” (that is a rude man). Strange to say such a thing about someone one has never met…

Ms Fransman says of herself, in capital letters in her CV, as a “LAST THOUGHT”…


No ja well fine. Maybe it’s just me, but Ms Fransman does not impress.

Sixty two words. Three sentences. Eight grammatical mistakes. Three spelling mistakes. Abominable style.

OO wonders what the response of the DA Leader, Helen Zille, would be to Ms Fransman’s piteous effort*.

The PA of the person who runs the multi million rand budget of Eden, the jewel of the Western Cape, should have more, I daresay.

Sylvester Taylor, Alfonso Sauls, Theo MacMaster and Suerhete Fransman represent nepotism, favouritism and cadre deployment beyond belief.

What has the Executive Mayor of Eden, Alderman Wessie van der Westhuizen, to say about this egregious management pratfall?

OO did ask. On Friday and again on Sunday. No response was received.

The Leader of the DA in the Western Cape, Theuns Botha, said that he addressed (the) “one problem” (MacMaster) and that “everybody” was happy afterwards.

The question lingers: Why does Zille and Botha not act? OO does not expect anything from Anton Bredell – if ever there was a liability in DA ranks! But why does Zille and Botha not act?

OO hears that Zille was finally informed of the appointments late last week. And Van der Westhuizen is in Cape Town today.

Well, probably just another coincidence, like that surname…

* Zille had been noted for a xyresic twitter response to some poor commentator’s wretched spelling ability.

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7 thoughts on “My buddy, my neighbour, my crony and me

  1. “Edmund” wees asb so gaaf om vir alle OO lesers aan te dui ;
    1) wat jou joppie in Eden is,
    2) hoe die aansoek-en – keuringsproses beoordeel en verloop het en
    3) op watter gronde, ervaring en kwalifikasies jy toe aangestel is
    4) Wie jou aanstelling aanbeveel en goedgekeur het
    5) Is die salarisskaal gepas, gemeet aan jou ervaring, agtergrond en kwalifikasies in was dit in ag geneem en dit wat die werksomskrywing bepaal

    Eers dan kan jou ons begin om die geloofwaardigheid van jou bostaande kommentaar te evalueer.

    Graag verneem die publiek en alle OO lesers.

    Jou stilswye sal natuurlik dui op … aangesien dit ‘n deursigtige openbare en publieke pos is, korrek?

  2. Jammerlastig bro. Haat verteer die hater en nie die een wat gehaat word nie.Dieselfde geld vir afguns ,jaloesie,nyd ens ,ens.Kry jou feite reg Drew.asb.Ek kom tot die gevolgtrekking dat hierdie diepe ongelukkigheid wat jy openbaar ,`n ongelukkigheid is wat sy wortels doer ver voor 1994 . Drew alles wat jy hier kwytraak is snert .Jy weet wat die waarheid is ,maar tog verkrag jy dit.Vriend ,net die volgende:
    ` aanhaling en dit wat ek graag wil laat kristaliseer ” Coming together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” Maak dit jou leuse.

  3. Edmund, Edmund, Edmund…

    As jy OO anoniem wil aanvat, moet jy jou e-posadres ook anoniem maak!

    Hier lê R1,200 in my kas. R200 en R1,000. In note. Ek is seker jy sal dit kan uitwerk… “Edmund”.

    En OO hét toe nie ‘n joppie gekry nie…

    En jy, “Edmund”, is nie goed genoeg óf skerp genoeg om die jop te verdien wat jy gekry het nie.

    Ek weet dit, die uitvoerende burgemeester weet dit… En jý weet dit, “Edmund”.


  4. Wat as OO self `n pos gekry het by die DA? Ons almal weet arme OO sit sonder `n broodjie!!! O nee dan was die Broederbond weer tersprake?

  5. OO
    Ek sien die dame Avontuur met die hoge aanstelling het ‘n sence (sic) of humour.
    Since when is a sense a sence.
    Since the advent of farting cusions I suppose
    O……… the scent of a woman.
    Liewe f@k!!!! What next??

  6. OO, i trust this one will be sung from the highest hill tops UNTILL SUCH TIME, satisfactory responses from the DA can be given to the NATION, if ever there will be such a thing.

    The in house scandals of the DA needs to be made public at all times, as they need to be measured by the same yard stick AND PROPOGANDA they dish out to the ANC. If the DA cant play fair, do we need to tolerate their hypocracy ? We need LEADERS, not Nepotic hypocrates that cannot govern !! We have enough of those cadres in the ANC

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